AccuWash 4-Roll 220 Wheel Wash System

4-Roll 220 Wheel Wash System

The AccuWash 4-Roll 220 is a premium Wheel Wash System suitable for most sites. While the S01EX model uses eight rollers, the 4-Roll 220 employs four long-axis rollers and strengthened roller bearings, thus improving durability and convenient maintenance.


  • Automatic Sludge Discharge by Conveyor System
  • Automatic Pump Screen Self-Cleaning System
  • Forced Motor Driven with a 3.7kW Roller Motor
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Maximises User Safety with a Pedal-Type Sensor
  • Controls Washing Times with a Counter
  • Prevents Reverse Rotation When a Vehicle Exits
  • Chain Tension Control
  • No Need to Install a Separate Water Tank
  • Easy Installation and Removal
  • Easy to Remove with its Four Lifting Lugs


MODEL 4-Roll 220
Dimensions 2,200mm(W) x 5,748mm(L) x 2,076mm(H)
Applicable Vehicle Width of Truck Maximum 2,800mm
Power Consumption 21.0kW
Gross Weight 5,800kg
Sensing Limit Switch
Submersible Pump 15.0kW x 380/460VAC x 3-Phase x 50/60Hz (Vertical) as Standard
Roller Drive Motor 3.7kW x 380/460VAC x 3-Phase x 50/60Hz (Ratio: 1:50)
Air Compressor 1.5kW x 380/460VAC x 3-Phase x 50/60Hz
Scraper Drive Motor 0.75kW x 415VAC x 3-Phase x 50Hz (Ratio: 1:173)
Water Jet Pressure 3.0 ~ 3.5kg/cm2
Main Power 415VAC x 3-Phase x 50Hz
Water Tank Volume 6,000L
Washing Capacity 250 to 300 Vehicles/Day
Nozzle Side Pipe – 18 Holes, Main Frame – 48 Holes
Side Screen 1 Layer [TotaI 1.0m(H)]
Side Pipe 50mm x 700mm(H)
Pipe Linking 50mm Union Type
Control Panel Stainless Steel (SUS 304) / Dual Door
Heater (Optional) 3kW x 380/460VAC x 3-Phase x 50/60Hz

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