Wheel Wash Bath Systems

Wheel Wash Bath

The Accuwash Wheel Wash Bath is a manual immersion wheel and tyre wash process that relies upon the momentum of the vehicle tyres on the multi-row grid through the bath water to dislodge and flush dirt, sand and soil from treads and tyre walls. There are no sprays in the Wheel Wash Bath. This manual method provides a quick and easy process ideally suited for a busy site with constant movement of lightly soiled vehicles.



Accuweigh designs, manufactures, installs and services the AccuWash Wheel Wash Systems suitable for applications including Quarries, Mine Sites, Refuse Dumps, Waste Transfer Stations, Recycling Sites, Landfill Sites, Abattoir and Animal Processing Sites, Cement Manufacturing Plants, Council Facilities and Construction Sites.

An AccuWash Wheel Wash System can remove dust, soil, sand and other harmful build-up on wheels, axles, tyres and underbodies fully automatically during one easy drive through.


Your AccuWash Wheel Wash System will be designed and built to suit site and local conditions and to fully comply with Local Government and Environmental regulations.

All AccuWash Systems are fabricated and constructed using high quality Australian materials. The AccuWash Wheel Wash System is designed to meet and exceed the highest environmental standards and so most models automatically recycle the wash water for continuing reuse in the Wheel Wash System.

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