AccuWash G01EX Automatic Wheel Wash System

AccuWash G01EX Automatic Wheel Wash System

AccuWash G01EX Automatic Wheel Wash System

The AccuWash G01EX is an economical and simplified version of its larger brother, the Grating 220 Wheel Wash System. With its excellent durability, the G01EX requires minimal maintenance costs and boasts double sided pipes with more spray nozzles and a larger pump then its competitors which enables it to perform superior, rapid washing.

The G01EX is very miserly on water use making it economical to run and environmentally-friendly. It uses a sludge removal conveyor to automatically remove sludge from the tank. Options such as filters for seed removal or a hydrocyclone for minute particle removal make the G01EX ideal for landfills, quarries, mines or agricultural properties.


  • Automatic Sludge Discharge by Conveyor System
  • Controls Washing Time by a Counter
  • Automatic Operation Using a Photo Sensor
  • Easy to Move with Four Lifting Lugs
  • Easy Installation and Relocation
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Simple and Durable Frame
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Recycles Used Water
  • Stainless Steel Control Panel Enclosure (IP-65)


Dimensions 2,200mm(W) x 5,340mm(L) x 2,047mm(H) x 1,000mm(Tank)
Applicable Vehicle Width of Truck Maximum 2,800mm
Power Consumption 22kW
Gross Weight 4,000kg
Sensing Photo Sensor
Submersible Pump 15kW x 380/460VAC x 3-Phase x 50/60Hz (Horizontal) as Standard
Roller Drive Motor None
Scraper Drive Motor 0.75kW x 415VAC x 3-Phase x 50Hz (Ratio: 1:120)
Water Jet Pressure 2.0 ~ 2.5kg/cm2
Main Power 415VAC x 3-Phase x 50Hz
Water Tank Volume 6,000L
Washing Capacity Over 350 Vehicles/Day
Nozzle Side Pipe – 36 Holes, Main Frame – 40 Holes
Side Screen 1 Layer [TotaI 1.5m(H)]
Side Pipe 50mm x 780mm(H), 2 Layers of Pipes
Pipe Linking 50mm – Union Type
Control Panel Stainless Steel (SUS 304) / Dual Door

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