AccuWash Bridge 400 Modular Wheel Wash System

Bridge 400 Modular Wheel Wash System

The AccuWash Bridge 400 is a modular Wheel Wash System that can be customised according to every work site. This drive-through type of Wheel Wash has a simple structure but with high durability. It requires low maintenance and is very easy to use. Because of this, the Bridge 400 is ideal for heavy-traffic sites such as quarries, mines, landfills, etc.

The Bridge 400’s modular design can be easily customised to the needs of a particular site by utilising its various options and its wide flexibility. Scores of different ways of installation are possible by applying various types of pumps and water tanks.
There are options of 4m and 6m length sections and three-dimensional setting of the nozzles to ensure the perfect washing of vehicles.


  • Attachable Conveyor Tank
  • Scalability that Makes Installation Networking Possible
  • Various Pump Options Available
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Automatic Operation with Dual Photo-Electric Sensors
  • Checks Washing Times with a Counter
  • Versatile Application with Modular Design
  • Maximised Durability with a Zinc Galvanised Frame
  • Maximises Washing of All Tyre Surfaces and the Bottom of the Vehicle with a Total of 196 Nozzles


MODEL Bridge 400
Dimensions 4,420mm(W) x 6,455mm(L) x 3,088mm(H)
Applicable Vehicle Width of Truck Maximum 2,800mm
Power Consumption 25kW
Gross Weight 8,000kg
Sensing Dual Photo Sensor
Submersible Pump 2 x 11kW x 380/460VAC x 3-Phase x 50/60Hz (Horizontal) as Standard
Air Compressor 2.2kW x 380/460VAC x 3-Phase x 50/60Hz
Scraper Drive Motor 0.75kW x 415VAC x 3-Phase x 50Hz (Ratio: 1/173)
Water Jet Pressure 2.5 ~ 3.0kg/cm2
Main Power 415VAC x 3-Phase x 50Hz
Water Tank Volume 6,000L
Washing Capacity Over 500 Vehicles/Day
Nozzle Side Pipe – 68 Holes, Main Frame – 128 Holes
Side Screen 1 Layer [TotaI 1.7m(H)]
Side Pipe 50mm x 1,200mm(H), 2 Layers of Pipes
Pipe Linking Multi-Joint Type
Control Panel Stainless Steel (SUS 304) / Dual Door
Heater (Optional) 3kW x 380/460VAC x 3-Phase x 50/60Hz

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