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G01EX Drive-Through Type Wheel Wash System
The G01EX is an economical and simplified version of its larger brother, the Grating 220 Wheel Wash System. With its excellent durability, the G01EX requires minimal maintenance costs and boasts double sided pipes with more spray nozzles and a larger pump then its competitors.The G01EX is very miserly on water use making it economical to run. It uses a sludge removal conveyor to automatically remove sludge from the tank. Options such as filters for seed removal or a hydrocyclone for minute particle removal make the G01EX ideal for most sites. Read more.


G03EX Drive-Through Type Wheel Wash System
The G03EX is an easily relocatable wheel wash system ideally suited to constantly changing work sites and short-term projects. It does not have an automatic sludge removal conveyor (unlike the Grating 220 and the G01EX) which means it is not as physically deep in dimension as other models. Subsequently, the G03EX can be installed either in a much shallower concrete pit or or placed directly on a concrete pad and used with optional steel ramps to access the unit. Read more.

Grating 220

Grating 220 Drive-Through Wheel Wash System
The Grating 220 has three-dimensionally distributed nozzles enabling rapid washing. Dual photo-sensors prevent any malfunction with the detection of vehicles during use. The Grating 220 also has a monolithic water-proof structure that does not require a concrete base structure to support it, unlike other models in the AccuWash range. The Grating 220 is equippped with a fully automatic pump screen self-cleaning system and an automatic sludge discharge system using a sludge conveyor which can handle large volumes of sludge. Read more.

Bridge 400

Bridge 400 Drive-Through Type Wheel Wash System
The Bridge 400 is a modular Wheel Wash System that can be customised according to every work site. This drive-through type of Wheel Wash has a simple structure but with high durability. It requires low maintenance and is very easy to use. Because of this, the Bridge 400 is ideal for heavy-traffic sites such as quarries, mines, landfills, and most other industrial sites. Read more.

Bridge 1100 Wheel Wash Bath

Bridge 1100 Wheel Wash Bath
The Accuwash Wheel Wash Bath is a manual immersion wheel and tyre wash process that relies upon the momentum of the vehicle tyres on the multi- row grid through the bath water to dislodge and flush dirt, sand and soil from treads and tyre walls. There are no sprays in the Wheel Wash Bath. This manual method provides a quick and easy process ideally suited for a busy site with constant movement of lightly soiled vehicles. Read more.

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