AccuWash can supply a complete range of options to compliment and enhance its range of wheel and tyre wash systems.

Stop/Go Traffic Lights

Optional Traffic Lights

For efficient and safe traffic flow through the Accuwash wheel wash station, Accuwash traffic lights operate automatically in conjunction with vehicle movement, signalling when it is safe to enter the wash zone. The traffic light module is fitted to the Accuwash machine on a galvanised metal post and electrically coordinated with the wash cycle.

Boom Gates

Optional Boom Gates

Available in powder-coated or stainless steel control station with 6.0 metre maximum aluminium boom length. All booms are fitted with reflective tape for safe recognition. Other options include flashing light, battery backup, solar power and surge protection. Systems are designed for more than 2,000 openings per day. Activation options include automatic via ground loop which can be interfaced with software packages, also manual push button, wireless push button or photo cells.


Optional Ramps

Ramps can be used when the wheel wash system cannot be fully placed in a pit due to site limitations or for frequently relocated wheel wash installations.

Extended Side Screens

Optional Extended Side Screens

Extended or custom water curtains can be ordered to the client’s requirements.

Extended Width

Optional Extended Width

Custom, extended width wheel washers can be supplied to accommodate non-standard, wider vehicles but such custom units will result in a longer supply time.


Optional Heater

A heating system is useful during winter months for southerly latitudes. The heater prevents water from freezing in the pipes which would otherwise limit the effectiveness of washing.


Optional Hydro-Cyclone

In addition to the pump filtration screen (which is supplied as standard), the Hydro-Cyclone is the most economic and effective method for removing dirt and other solids from the wash water automatically during normal wheel washing cycles. This natural gravitational process has no moving parts and is powered by the single AccuWash wash pump. Protect vehicle surfaces from damage with an optional Hydro-Cyclone solids separation filter.

Flocculant Injector

Optional Flocculant Injector

Flocculant is a chemical that helps assists in precipitating sediment in the water, allowing sediment to fall to the bottom of the water chamber to be extracted by the sludge conveyor. The flocculant injector is automatically controlled by the control panel to inject a small amount of flocculant in to the water for each wash cycle. Flocculant will prolong the life of the water pump as well as produce a superior washing cycle.

Hand Rails and Safety Guards

Optional Hand Rails

Galvanised or painted handrails prevent pedestrian access to the wheel wash collection pit area and along driveways creating safer operating conditions before and after wheel wash stations. We can supply and install handrails fabricated to Australian Standards on a turnkey basis with wheel wash installation or at any other time.


Optional Galvanising

Some models in the range, but not all, can be supplied with a rust-preventive galvanising finish to increase durability and minimise long-term maintenance.

Extended Piping and Nozzles

Optional Extended Piping

Piping can be extended and additional water jets can be added as required by the client.

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