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Hire Wheel Wash System

Have you considered hiring an AccuWash Wheel Wash System? Hiring is ideal for short-term construction projects and eliminates the need for capital expenditure to conform with EPA requirements to eliminate track-out onto public roads.

Short-term and long-term hire contracts of Wheel Wash Systems are available to suit a wide variety of client needs and can also have regular maintenance and servicing requirements factored into the hire agreement. Hiring a Wheel Wash System from AccuWash will provide a known expenditure related to your project timeline.

Full turnkey installs are available and may also include the following items:

  • All required civil works for vehicle access to the Wheel Wash
  • A Hydrocyclone centrifugal separator to remove all sand and grit from the water
  • Flocculent injection of required chemicals for improved washing performance and/or weed control
  • Sludge removal bins

The longer your hire a Wheel Wash System – the cheaper the hire rate.

Associated options are also available at additional cost to customise a hired Wheel Wash System to suit your exact application needs:

  • Boom gates and/or traffic lights to regulate vehicle movements
  • Portable high pressure hand held cleaners for washing other site equipment
  • External water tanks to provide water in remote areas
  • All electrical works from mains power
  • Portable Generators to power the Wheel Wash in remote areas
  • At the end of the Wheel Wash Hire, AccuWash will remove all equipment and can also be contracted to assist with environmental impact remedial works if necessary.

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