About AccuWash

AccuWash is the Wheel and Tyre Wash Equipment Division of Accuweigh, Australia’s largest weighing, filling, packaging and inspection equipment company. AccuWash specialises in automatic Wheel and Tyre Washing Systems, but also supplies non-automatic equipment such as Wheel Baths.

Transfer of mud, dust and potential contaminants from site to highway from vehicle tyres is a growing problem for the construction industry and other site based companies in the Australia. Having to comply and meet with local, environmental and highways authorities is a legal and practical maze and making the wrong choice can be costly.

Whatever the site, construction, landfill, demolition, quarry or civil works sites, you are obliged to comply with:

  • Planning Authorities
  • Local Authorities
  • Police and Highways Departments
  • Insurance Companies
  • Health and Safety

Here at AccuWash we distribute industry-leading Wheel and Tyre Wash Systems and we have developed revolutionary options and enhancements that eliminate most running costs. Our Systems also comply with all current legislation, including Occupational Health and Safety legislation, satisfying authorities and minimising commercial and environmental costs with guaranteed results.

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