Truck Underbody & Wheel Wash System Addresses EPA Concerns for Mirvac


A Truck Underbody & Wheel Wash System is being used to eliminate track-out onto public roads at Mirvac’s Harold Park Redevelopment in Sydney’s Inner West. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Lansvale branch, the AccuWash Truck Underbody & Wheel Wash System thoroughly washes the wheels and under-bodies of all vehicles leaving this high profile development project.

Truck Underbody Wheel Wash

Operation is fully automatic with the wash cycle initiated by a sensor detecting vehicles as they approach the Truck Underbody & Wheel Wash System. Shaker grids are used to loosen/remove excess organic material from truck underbodies, wheels and tyre treads prior to trucks entering the Wheel Wash.

To minimise potential water usage, collected water is able to be reused as an automatic sludge conveyor removes sludge, soil and other organic materials from the water holding tank. A Disc Filter further cleans the return water by removing very fine silt and dissolved solids to eliminate potential pitting of vehicle paintwork and damage to underbody components caused by suspended particles under high pump pressures.

Accuweigh’s G01 AccuWash Truck Underbody & Wheel Wash System isfitted with brass nozzles for both the side and under-body water jets to ensure water is directed exactly where required for optimum cleaning. A 15kW water pump provides superior wash pressure than many opposition Wheel Wash Systems while a digital LCD counter tracks wheel wash usage rates to assist with proper maintenance scheduling.

Accuweigh’s extensive industry experience ensures we can provide the ideal and most cost-effective Truck Underbody & Wheel Wash System applications. Our eight branches across mainland states are staffed by fully trained staff to provide Superior Product Support.