Automatic Truck Wheel Wash For VIC Recycler

An Automatic Truck Wheel Wash is operating at a waste recovery centre in Melbourne’s western suburbs in Victoria. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Springvale, the Automatic Truck Wheel Wash was required to eliminate potential track-out of soil, clay and other organic matter onto public roads from vehicles exiting the waste facility.

Automatic Truck Wheel Wash

Accuweigh’s Automatic Truck Wheel Wash is a heavy duty model designed to wash the wheels, tyres and under-bodies of up to 800 vehicles per day and was supplied with additional shaker grids to help dislodge heavy materials from vehicles. Shaker grids are used to distort the tyre treads to assist with the removal of foreign matter from the tyres and underbodies before the vehicles enter the wheel wash.

This AccuWash Automatic Truck Wheel Wash was fitted with the following features:

• Activated by vehicle entry (no wheel wash operator required)

• Automatic scraper conveyor removes sludge from the collection tank

• Hydrocyclone Solids Separator removes suspended grit from the recycled wash water

Accuweigh has a wide range of Automatic Truck Wheel Wash Systems available including low cost, basic wheel wash baths that comply with minimal EPA wheel washing requirements. Accuweigh has eight branches across Australia providing Superior Product Support on all AccuWash wheel wash equipment.